Visual Vibe

We all put out our own vibe. Sometimes there's intentionality to it, sometimes it's completely set apart from intention. Fortunately you can elicit an online visual presence with a great vibe by simply taking the time to dream up your plan and visual scheme.

Hopefully when you first started your business, or self marketing, you sat down and outlined a few things. Your social media strategy was probably part of this as well as your branding. Those two things work very well together and a bit of strategy in the beginning will help maintain a clearer picture of who you are and set you apart so you are more recognizable to your audience. This visual congruency is helpful not just in Instagram, where visuals are EVERYTHING, but it also simplifies your image and can easily maintain your identity across all platforms.

Here's some examples of what I mean by visual vibe with consistency: 

Beas_little_boho_corner does a great job of staying on the same path with their filters. Each image has a slight haze to it that just goes so well with the bohemian thing. If you were to see an image of earthy clothes and this haze you would automatically think "Beas Little Boho corner" when you saw it.

Clean_eating_journal uses a top down angle to create a great similarity and feel to their images. The backgrounds and food obviously change, but these images really convey the colorful food and simplistic nature of the ingredients by maintaining the same angle. 

Food52 is another food centered Instagram account, but it pulls images from it's main site that I believe are even shot by different people. I've added it because even though it uses different angles and lighting techniques for each image, the food images still sit very well together. Most of Food 52's images are concentrated on the single recipe item, or perhaps one ingredient. They've kept the focus about what is integral, and not adding in a lot of outside elements. 

In most of the examples above you can tell that I have a soft spot for a very curated visual look. It isn't necessarily an easy task, but once you've developed how you would like it to feel, it will keep you focused. 

Now, with all that planning and corresponding images, let's talk about when it totally makes sense to ditch the whole uniformity thing.

Thugkitchen, be still my heart, I love this account. If you follow Thug Kitchen at all you will notice that they have a very great voice going on. They curse unapologetically and love great vegan food. It's not that their visuals aren't recognizable as Thug Kitchen, because they do a lot of type over images, but they also change things up a lot. They use different filters, angles, close up shots or far away food scenes, shots of humans, shots of dogs. It would almost seem very odd if it was highly curated and the stayed on the same visual track image after image. 

So here's my point: look at your goals, your branding, and what presense you would like to put out there. Develop a policy for how you would like this to be conveyed visually and then stick to it. It makes sense that Beas Little Boho Corner is soft and ethereal. They are creating a peaceful vintage feel, while Thug Kitchen is creating a more spontaneous, "this is life" feel. It's not that one is better than the other. They are different companies with much different vibes, doing a great job putting themselves out there.

While we're putting ourselves out there; don't hesitate to contact me if you need help with any of these ideas for yourself or business. I heart helping!