Stay The Course

When you started your brand you probably had more than a few goals in mind. You may have wanted to provide instruction, sell your hot sauce nationwide, or get your art in front of the right eyes. For whatever reason you decided you had something to share with the land of social media, just don't forget your purpose for taking up space in the land. Find a way to give everyone a reason to join you in your space.

Let's say you have an Etsy shop of handmade Jewelry. Things are selling just fine, but your goal has always been to place your gems in a great local boutique. You may get some kind words and followers for posting pretty pictures of your earrings hanging off a pretty face, but remember your goals. Share an image with your gorgeous handmade item, paired with a dress with the same brand, or similar style to what your goal boutique carries. Gently mention them with a hashtag or a kind word. They may not beg you to let them carry your items right away, but you've started a conversation and have showed others exactly what you are all about.

It probably doesn't really need to be said, but if your only goal as a brand/business is to have followers, you should rethink your situation. Followers are the easy part. They can be bought, fabricated, and they will come and go. Creating a goal that is more fulfilling will bring the numbers in sincere forms.

It's much easier than you think to start making noise on social media, yet it has nothing to do with what is driving you.  Social media isn't about just being social on one end and creating any old content. I keep the mottos and goals of each social media client that I manage in a notebook and turn to it often when I create posts and strategies for them. If the post is way off center from their goals as a business, I delete it and move on to something relative to their goals. 

The most effective ways to reach a goal is to engage in a community of others with a purpose. Keep your goal somewhere tangible and refer to it often. Stay the course and your be there before you know it. 

(The martini is reward for reaching your goal. Get to it.)