Unplug and Create Engaging Content


This is the first post of social media advice here at Peachy Social Media. Let's start out with the most practical advice I could possibly give. Don't post anything until you've done a little living first.

The most engaging and easy to sell content is a post that is genuine and alive. There are numerous absolutely flawless social media accounts out there that are fabricated day in and day out, with the sole purpose to drive more followers and likes and more fabricated content. I'm not saying they aren't of any value or don't function for their purpose, but the most moving and engaging posts are ones where it's palpable that a life is being lived.

There's so much content driven by previous imagery and information that's anything but original. It's time to stop consuming all that is on our phones, and consume all that is alive in the world. Then we can have a good sense about what the world needs to hear from us, and what exactly we have to tell the world. 

The best way to do this is put down the device, and go and BE. Feel things, notice details around you, make mistakes, breathe in and out, and then log on and create something honest and original to show the world.

Twitter will still be there when you return, I promise.


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