In the Beginning

Let's create a scenario where you've only just begun to start your business and you have yet to create social media accounts, let alone a full blown strategy. Where do you even start? Do you need to be on every platform? Should you pay for ads? 

Social Media has taken a huge role in how most businesses market and reach their target audience. Before, it used to be wise to put up a FaceBook page and hope for followers. Now, it really requires thought, planning and a strategy.

First things first. Where is your target audience browsing? You may not need to completely infiltrate all of the social media platforms while first starting. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are great to get on and start a presence, but you may choose just one to place your greatest focus.

If your target audience is a bit younger, you would do better to focus on Instagram and save posts asking people to drive to action for Facebook. If your audience is hip and your product fits the edgy curves of Tumblr, focus on that account. Perhaps you are looking to grab the attention of females around 30, and in to decorating - set up camp on Pinterest and pin your heart away. 

If your product or brand has a lot of information to get out to people, Periscope is emerging and a great tool since it allows viewers to comment and ask questions during the broadcast. 

Twitter can be thought of as more of a newsworthy platform. If you are moving around a lot and need to get lots of small bits of info out to followers, Twitter is where you need to zero in your time in the beginning. 

Make sure you start creating accounts with your business name, or something extremely close to it and keep those user names simple. Make your accounts easy to find for your potential customers. 

The next and very important step to getting out there on social media, is to be social. Find accounts that are similar to who you and your brand are and follow them. Notice what you like about these accounts, and jot down how you would like to be different. First and foremost - play nice. There's plenty of room out there for competition and creating a community strengthens businesses.  

Before you start just posting your raw and rough beginnings as a company, you need some skeletal ideas to hold up your posts. Answer these questions to begin a framework for posting:

  • What is our voice?
  • Who do we want listening to us?
  • What is our presence?
  • What's our 'look' (hopefully this was visited during talks about branding)?
  • What is our goal for our social media?

I'll post more in depth about each of these questions, but it's good to start thinking about how to create posts for quality and effective engagement.