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Designing Genuine Social Media

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Strategy planning * Consultations * profile creation/branding * Photography instruction

Get the Conversation Started About Your Brand

"Images are the currency of social media"

                                                             - Gary Vaynerchuk

I can help you take amazing photos of your brand to create competitive and engaging content on all social media platforms.


The visual image has power behind it. Nothing can move or capture people like an amazing picture. A picture of a juicy burger can make your mouth water, while an image of the beach can make you wish you were on vacation. Images can incite action and I aim to encapsulate that power in my photographs. I want to create a story about your brand, told via social media that will inspire your followers. This is where I feel at home - behind the lens, creating ways to bring your vision to life. 

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Take a look at my work

2013 - Current: Complete Social Media Management of all Liberty Market Accounts 

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+

2014 - Current: Complete Social Media Management of all Joe's Farm Grill Accounts

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr

2016 - Current: Complete Social Media Management of all Johnston Property Accounts

Agritopia - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram The Farm at Agritopia - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram The Community Garden - Facebook, Instagram

2017 - Current: Complete Social Media Management of Barnone AZ Accounts

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Website (blog), Pinterest


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